Will I Run Out of Money?

Will I Run Out of Money? It’s the most frequent concern of retirees, “will I run out of

At What Rate Do You Pay Tax on Dividends?

Good news. Most retirees pay tax on dividends at a very low rate. Retirees benefit from several senior

Maximum Social Security Monthly Benefit

As of January 2016, the maximum Social Security monthly benefit one can collect is $2,639 (this excludes those with

Heartfelt Retirement Gift Suggestions

Retirement gift suggestions are always welcome when a coworker is retiring. Unless you are a “naturally gifted” gift-giver,

US Economy Collapse Predictions

Ignore those US economy collapse predictions.  The US economy is not going to collapse. There have always been and

Is This a Bear Market? No – it’s Much Worse. It’s Deflation

Update–the post below was published September 4, 2015. Update January 7, 2016: After some recovery, the Chinese stock

Stocks For Retirement Income

Stocks for Retirement Income – Surprising Evidence An issue that plagues many retirees is how to create retirement

Does Your Financial Investment Firm Steal Your Money?

Financial investment firms, more often than not, have been fined and penalized multiple times for ignoring rules, regulations

Retirement Party Jokes

I have gathered these retirement party jokes over many years.  I do not recall the source of each.

Rich People Don’t Buy Mutual Funds for Retirement

Given that we write about every financial aspect of retirement, you likely want to know the top 10

Sample Retirement Speech for a Retirement Party Host

You got the job of master of ceremonies at Joe’s retirement party. It’s your job to give a

How to Give a Great Retirement Speech

Giving a retirement speech (or any speech for that matter) isn’t an easy task and when you know