Impact of Brexit on US Retirees

Brexit: Silver Lining for US Retirees You recall the story about the emperor who had no clothes. No

Update on Social Security Cash Flow

Suppose that you had 2 pockets. Each Friday you get paid and put your money in your left

Retirement Crisis that Never Was

Why Do Some Say There’s a Retirement Crisis? In the book The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight, author

Your Financial Advisor or Life Insurance Agent is Likely Incompetent

Consumers are generally distrustful of people in the financial services industry.  And rightly so.  But not for the

Save More For Retirement? A Stupid Idea.

Save More for Retirement – Fahgetaboutit You can’t save more for retirement when you’re already 58. Isn’t it

Government’s New Fiduciary Rule Opens Door to Retirement Ripoff

The requirement to have financial advisors act as fiduciaries open the doors to a retirement ripoff. By now,

Why Your Accountant Doesn’t Help You Pay Less Tax

Since most financial laws are made by the rich for the benefit of the rich, it’s no wonder you

Eliminate All Debt? No, Just the Bad Debt

Poor People Think Debt is Bad There is a wave or proponents for eliminating debt as the route

Prepare for Retirement With Little Savings

There’s no shortage of research and studies that tell you people have done little to prepare for retirement.

Income Stocks

To eliminate stocks from your retirement income plan would be a mistake. Not only are some stocks significant

Stock Market Direction, Up or Down

There is no shortage of opinions on the stock market direction. Just watch CNBC for an hour or

Bank Preferred Stocks – These Banks Pay 6%

Even in this low rate environment, you can earn 6% on bank preferred stocks, including such names as as