Six Ways to Use Senior Life Insurance

Why Would Retirees Need Senior Life Insurance? Rich people know things that others do not, such as ....

Social Security Office Cheating Retirees

You expect the folks at the Social Security office to give you the best advice.  But they don't.

Wrong Reasons to Buy Life Insurance

We have separated this topic by age as the reasons to buy life insurance differ by age. In fact,

Financial Planners' Advice Motivated by Ability to Earn

From a recent story about people retiring with debt, I found an interesting statement about financial planners

Why You Must Immediately Stop Looking for a Job

Retirees and seniors looking for a job should give up and start their own little business.

Harvard MBA Reveals the Best Tool for Stock Market Forecasts

The public wants forecasts from experts to know when to buy and sell. Here's a better method.

Retirement Savings Hype

Too many pitfalls of savings to rely on having a large nest egg. Ignore retirement savings hype.

Senior Tax Breaks - Pay $0 Income Tax on $100,000 Income

Learn the six senior tax breaks that apply to retirees or affect seniors because of their retirement status

Wise Words about Aging

Don't get older just to get wiser. If you get older, you will be wiser, I believe that - if you dare. But get older because

Financial Advisors Giving Wrong Advice About Retirement Savings

If you listen to any financial advisor, they will tell you that retirement savings is all important for

How Retirees Win and Lose with Low Interest Rates

Low interest rates create winners and losers among retirees.  There are four ways that retirees lose in this

Save More for Retirement: Not the Answer to Retirement Crisis

Save More for Retirement - Shallow Advice The most simplistic advice you’ll hear about preparing for the golden