What a Retirement Planner Can Offer You

Regarding retirement planning, many soon-to-be retirees consider consulting a retirement planner important. Some retirees who do not get professional advice later on regret some of their economic choices. Exactly what retirement services could you expect from a retirement planner?


A retirement planner who provides comprehensive retirement planning will provide retirement solutions that evaluate the entirety of your financial situation:

• Investments
• Sources of retirement revenue such as social security and pensions
• Income tax minimization
• Medical care coverage - both for doctors and hospitalization as well as long-term care of nursing home potential
Estate planning
• Projections and plan to cover the cost of living and inflation

The retirement planner will combine all of this data and analyze it, resulting in a written retirement plan for your retirement years that will make practical sense and provide a good dose of reassurance that you can live comfortably.  Alternatively, the plan may indicate that your current resources will not support the retirement you would like and show the adjustments that you can make.

The Particulars

A comprehensive retirement planner can even offer the particulars for the above retirement services including:

Tax return preparation. In the event the retirement planner doesn't actually prepare your tax return, he needs to review it annually to determine if there is any fine tuning that can help reduce your income taxes. This is an essential retirement service because a $2,000 financial savings can mean a nice extra vacation.  There a ways to save taxes that a retirement planner will see that an accountant will miss.

Investment administration. Not only will the expert get you started in retirement with an optimized portfolio, but also offer the retirement solutions to monitor and adjust your retirement portfolio. This is a critical retirement service because things change - not only the economic conditions but also your desires. At minimum, the retirement planner will re-balance the portfolio yearly to realign it with a predetermined allocation.

Provide Health care consulting. Numerous retirement planners are in fact financial planners that deal with people of all ages. Do not choose such a retirement planner as there are actually problems particular to retirement such as the interplay of private health care with Medicare for which the proper retirement planner will have experience and expertise. He should be a specialist in counseling retired people. The planner might have an insurance coverage license and thus can help you purchase the right HMO plan or Medigap coverage, either of which is a must-have.

Retirement solutions for health care also extend into planning for long-term care retirement solutions. Whether or not you'll self-insure or purchase long-term care insurance is a decision to be made when you are healthy.  The experienced retirement planner can show you the viable options.

Last, the arena of estate planning is not about just issues that arise at death. The retirement planner must have expertise with ideas for other issues that are part of estate planning:

Conservatorship in the event of mental incapacity

Health care power of attorney and living wills in the case of physical inability

Medical wills in the case of terminal illness

The right retirement planner will have experience in all of these arenas and you can use this post as a checklist to interview selected retirement advisors.

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