401K IRA Roth Withdrawals, Distributions, and Rollovers

2015 Changes to IRAs You Need to Know

No More Unlimited 60-Day Rollovers   In an earlier post, I explained how one could take a continuous,

Don't Pay This Excess Tax on Your 401k Rollover

When you retire, you're frequently informed to roll-over your retirement plan assets - like your 401(k) funds into

IRA Tax and the Roth Conversion

By: Clay Wyatt A tax-deferred account, such as an IRA, can be converted to a Roth IRA. The

Roth 401k Rollover - Moving Funds from Your Traditional 401k

Investing retirement funds in a Roth 401k is a good new option more and more employers are providing.

When is the Best Time to Take IRA Withdrawals?

By: Clay Wyatt The best time to take IRA withdrawals depends on your life situation and what other

Before Rolling IRAs, Understand the Advantages of Each

Rollover IRAs Before Rolling IRAs from 401ks Understand the Advantages of Each As you develop retirement strategies, you

Take a 401(k) Early Withdrawal Without Paying Uncle Sam

By: Clay Wyatt There are various reasons you may consider taking a 401(k) early withdrawal, meaning prior to

Need Money But Want to Avoid an IRA Penalty? Here’s How

By: Clay Wyatt During tough times, you may be tempted to tap into your IRA for much needed

Roth Rollover Rules for Moving Your 401k

Three Items You Should Know About Roth Rollover Rules for Moving Your 401k Roth accounts offer a few

Roth Rollover Rules for a Non-spouse Beneficiary

Roth rollover rules permit you to convert your business retirement plan assets, which include a 401(k), 403(b), as