Annuities for Income

CD-Type Annuities for Consistent Income

Learn how CD-type annuities compensate for the failing that many investors perceive with fixed annuities. Fixed annuities are popular

Partial Annuitization - a Great Way to Make Your Retirement Money Last

Would you like to be certain not to outlive your money AND make sure you leave something for

Secondary Annuity Offerings - How the Rich Invest

If you have not read our post which explains secondary annuities, please read about secondary annuities These secondary annuity

Old Opportunity Revamped for Modern Times

The term "annuity" means different things to different investors. That's because there are different types of annuities designed

Immediate Annuity- Old Source of Income With a Modern Twist

Immediate annuities have been offered since medieval times when English retirees gave land and assets to the Church

Should you Own or Buy a Fixed Annuity

Can a fixed annuity help you as you begin or approach retirement? As retirement looms close or begins,

Should You Buy an Equity Indexed Annuity?

What us an equity indexed annuity? Put simply, an equity indexed annuity is a contract made between the

Retirement Annuities as Income Vehicles

As you begin to plan your retirement, you may or may not have a good picture of how

How To Retire Early - Or Not

Financial downturns, hard times, or simply bad planning could make you wander how to retire early. Take heart.

Annuity Definition - Immediate Annuity

The word 'annuity' conjures up different meanings for investors.  That's because there are various types of annuities used