Retirement Living

Technology Eases Burden for Millions of Caregivers

Technology Offers Profound Impact for Seniors and Caregivers We associate new technology with youth rather than with seniors or

Thirteen Technologies Retirees and Seniors Use to Age Well

Innovations that restore independence and options to remain at home and comfortably age in place.

Heartfelt Retirement Gift Suggestions

Retirement gift suggestions are always welcome when a coworker is retiring. Unless you are a "naturally gifted" gift-giver,

Retirement Party Jokes

I have gathered these retirement party jokes over many years.  I do not recall the source of each.

Sample Retirement Speech for a Retirement Party Host

  You got the job of master of ceremonies at Joe's retirement party. It's your job to give

How to Give a Great Retirement Speech

Giving a retirement speech (or any speech for that matter) isn’t an easy task and when you know

Delivering Your Retirement Dinner Speech

Preparing for your retirement dinner speech is very different from the scores of meetings you’ve probably spoken at

Retirement Speech Examples

You could find lots of retirement speech examples on different sites on the internet, but the best  speech

Baby Boomers Start Migrating to College Towns

Devalued stock portfolios, vanishing pension funds and worries about Social Security funding is spelling significant financial insecurity for

Crafting a Thank You Retirement Speech

Even as you sit down to write your thank you retirement speech, there are probably many ideas going