Supplemental Retirement Income

Why You Must Immediately Stop Looking for a Job

Retirees and seniors looking for a job should give up and start their own little business.

Save More For Retirement? A Stupid Idea.

Saving more for retirement is not very comforting advice when you are 55 and have no retirement savings.

Income Stocks

To eliminate stocks from your retirement income plan would be a mistake. Not only are some stocks significant

Will I Run Out of Money?

Will I Run Out of Money? It's the most frequent concern of retirees, "will I run out of

Earn Income Without a Job or Skills

I have written several times on how to earn money without a job. Stop Looking for a Job

Wrong Thinking About Getting a Retirement Job

This blog is for people approaching retirement and already retired.  So I address people seeking a full time

5 Awesome Hobbies that Pay during Retirement

Retirement days do not have to mean watching movies all day long and be a couch potato.  Retirement

Peer-to-Peer Lending - Get 10% Yields

by Evelyn Tyler According to an article published in Forbes magazine, peer-to-peer lending might be a viable option for creating

Understanding Risk

As an investor, there are several different types of risk you need to manage. As a senior your

Retirement Funds — Bond Investing

Bonds: An Overview Bond Investing can be almost as complex as stock investing. Before discussing various types of