Best Retirement Stories Week Ending 1/27/17

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Weekly update ⋅ January 26, 2017

The best ways to avoid boredom in retirement


So…the problem, if there is one, isn't so much the initial plunge into retirement. Most people enjoy their newfound freedom. It is what happens (or, ...

How to earn $5000 a year more in retirement


Many people expect their living costs to drop in retirement, and while this might be true in certain cases, it isn't always. Healthcare alone can eat up a ...

Factoring a Serious Illness Into Your Retirement Plans

US News Money

Factoring a Serious Illness Into Your Retirement Plans. Re-evaluate your financial strategy when health issues threaten to throw your retirement off ...

Four Ways To Protect Yourself From Bad Retirement Advice In The Trump Era


Although anyone can call themselves an adviser, wealth manager or retirement planner, professionals usually working in your best interest are ...

Here Are the 4% Retirement Rule's Major Flaws

Fox Business

While there's no magic retirement savings number guaranteed to deliver financial security during your senior years, many near-retirees are advised to ...

8 Proven Ways to Boost Your Retirement Income

Fox Business

Here's something that might surprise you: The average monthly Social Security retirement benefit was recentlyabout $1,355, or $16,260 for the year, ...

4 Financial Fears About Retirement, And How to Overcome Them

US News Money

Understanding where the fear comes from and how to attack it, can put savers at ease. Here are some of America's biggest retirement fears and how to ...

Former AFTRA Health & Retirement Fund Exec Charged with Stealing $3.4 Million


Enrico Rubano, the former co-head of information technology at AFTRA's Health and Retirement Fund, has been arrested and charged with stealing ...

For women, planning for retirement can be a serious financial challenge


As financial advisors look back at their business over the past year, many will take note of the larger number of women among their clients. This should ...

Ravens LB Zach Orr, 24, announces retirement


At 24, Ravens linebacker Zach Orr is the 13th NFL player since the start of the 2015 calendar year to retire at age 25 or younger. AP Photo/Nick Wass.

badly sprained knee


I am not really sure how it go this bad. I think I sprained my right knee on the elliptical doing something too fast or something. That was two weeks ago.

10 Jobs To Lure You Out of Retirement

Kerry Hannon

The joy you felt at your retirement party is a fading memory; you've begun to feel restless. Or perhaps you could use some extra money for health ...

The Retirement Savings Crisis

National Institute on Retirement Security

The Continuing Retirement Savings Crisis

National Institute on Retirement Security

Should we take Ben Roethlisberger's possible retirement seriously?


NFL Network's Reggie Wayne and Michael Robinson discuss whether we should actually believe that Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben ...

Why saving for retirement just got a lot easier

Nightly Business Report

BlackRock said its indexes are more accurate than the old rule of thumb for drawing down your retirement savings.

How Bill Enjoyed a Career of Travel and Adventure and Still Retired

Radical Personal Finance

Bill is a really neat guy. He enjoyed a very fun and adventurous career wherein he primarily worked for himself. And then he retired early.

Preparing for Retirement


What will you do the Monday after you retire? And how are you going to get there? One women shares her plan.

The 7 best high-yield investments for retirement


Do you want high yield, but don't want to risk having to move in with your kids in retirement? Consider these safer high-yield investments.

Certificates of Deposit / Individual Retirement Accounts

The Neffs National Bank

For those eligible customers, we offer both Traditional and Roth IRAs which are great ways to save money for retirement. A minimum opening balance ...

retirement property

Craigslist (Spokane)

Beautiful lots minimum 500 meters with spectacular views, Low cost of living. Wonderful retirement location. Beautiful sunny weather year round.


Careers - Willis Towers Watson

Willis Towers Watson Retirement consultants have deep experience working with organizations of all types and sizes. We've worked closely with ...

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