Retire Abroad

More Americans are purchasing real estate and retiring outside the United States than in previous years.

So why do theyn retire abroad? Here are the main advantages retiring outside the US:

1. Retiring abroad is not that far and direct flights make trips back “home” easy

If you have your eye on Central America, Mexico or Canada, you’re not that far from family and friends. As soon as you get on a plane, if the flight is another one or two hrs, so what? That’s what retiring is about – having a little extra time for things you want to do.

2. You often save money when you retire abroad

While not true if you choose Europe or Canada, just about anywhere in Central America, Mexico, South America or even the Caribbean will be 50% less for your housing expenses. Retiring in comfort is a chance because you might have twice as much house or even the same amount of house and maybe a maid and cook!

3. Retiring abroad often brings a better local climate

If you retire abroad from Michigan (or many other states), the climate is likely to be much better in the previously mentioned places that are closer to the equator. You won’t see any snow at sea level in Costa Rica for instance. Retiring to a tropical paradise with warm weather and lots of sunlight, does that sound bad?

4. No comfort sacrificed when retiring abroad

You’ll still have excellent locations to dine, a flat screen TV, your subscription to Netflix and your high speed Internet connection. Yes, the rest of the world now enjoys the creature comforts that we have at home. While it may take a little longer to get any of the above because the pace of life is slower, is not that what retiring is all about?

5. Health care could be equal when you retire abroad

Make your inquiries before you move. While it is accurate that outside the United States healthcare won’t be up to the same standards, it’s also accurate that many Americans go abroad for their healthcare.  Many countries are competing hard for that business by hiring US doctors. You may have heard about ‘medical tourism.’ Americans go overseas as they discover the healthcare is equal and frequently 1/6 the price of the United States for a major operation. In addition, you are able to often get medical treatments that are not authorized in the US.

6. Retiring abroad provides many inexpensive services

Would it be okay with you to pay your gardener or maid $3 one hour? Or have personalized c produced that would cost $6,000 in the US for only $400? Since the cost of labor is really way less, your quality of life may be significantly improved so that you reside just like a rich person! You may not have imagined retiring could be so great.

Time to plan a few vacations and spend a week in a couple of locations to take a look at destinations that may be where you will spend many retirement yrs.

  • David B

    Retiring in some countries can be a much better value, I wonder how it affects the economies of the expat countries to pay pension/retirement benefits to someone who is not putting any money back into the economy.

  • beth

    Retiring abroad is a great idea as long as you stay away from Europe! I recently made the move from the US to the UK and it is extremely expensive here as well as the rest of Europe.

  • Brid (depression help dude)

    Retiring abroad is what I’m currently working toward at 27. I’m actually going to Thailand in February for a month to scope out what is possible as well as look at what’s available in terms of wireless access as I still want to work but rather just do it remotely. It will be interesting to see what the health care is like there as well.

  • Jonathan @ Destin FL Long-term Rentals

    I would love to eventually retire abroad in Nicaragua. However, I would always keep a nest egg in the United States in case of an emergency and the land got seized.

  • Mortgage Temecula

    As a dollar buys less and less here in the states it is sometimes a necessity to retire outside the US. When you compare scraping by here in the States, a retiree can literally live in luxury on the same income elsewhere. It is now common to see retirement communities the market excursively to Americans in many parts of Mexico.

  • Olly

    Retirement should be about a lifestyle chane as well and often family keeps you grounded.

  • Justin

    Retiring process looks smooth,in other countries this process is very expensive sometimes.

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    taking rest after retirement!
    This blog shows and tells no retirement

  • Jack Sander

    I’ve lived a couple of years in Eastern Europe…and I can say it’s a lot cheaper compared to US. But this comes at its price…you have to be prepared for a true adventure, with its ups and down.

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    thanks for your valuable post. Every body need rest after retiring

  • Adeel Hassan

    we should save some of our money for it may use after retirmnent

  • how to start a blog

    I´m not sure about “retiring abroad”. A lot of people in Europe retire abroad but after some years they go back to their country. You have to think that you leave all your friends. Maybe you dont speak the language very good and it is difficult to know new people.

  • Graham Matthews

    Retire and come to Canada! This is the place to be! :)

  • diamond buying advice

    Retire in europe. Gorgeous scenery, lasting culture, great food, and history.

  • Matt @ Perfect Places

    Retiring abroad is a great choice. Many do so, but also maintain residences or have places they can stay for extended periods in the USA. Keep in mind that you’re probably going to be moving to a desirable location when you move abroad. You might be able to earn extra income by renting out your new home when you’re spending time in the USA.

  • emilia

    they make it possible to start a new life, with new housing, new environments, new atmosphere that makes comfortable, or just to find a serenity that impact on their lives later. This just my opinion


  • Mikroautobusu Nuoma

    Retire and come to Europe for sure! Its much more magical there.

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    thank u sir.. good articless.. and that’s a nice blog..

  • Blinds Wakefield

    I’m based in the UK and always thought about doing the opposite and retiring to the US, I’m not sure what the rules are about non us citizens relocating there and retiring but it’s something I would like to do.

    Miami would be my preferred choice.

  • Panoramic Universal Ltd.

    I am lucky to be living in Australia but If the same benefits I get here in Australia I would be choosing to retire outside the nation! But since Australia itself has so many environmental as well as financial advantages rarely anyone would of us think to retire but one thing I am assured is about retiring outside the U.S. is much beneficial if the required conditions are fulfilled! Thanks

  • Caribbean Medical Schools

    Retirement is happy one. I really like this post. It is useful to all

  • mark wahlberg workout

    Its my dream to retire in Australia. I’ve visited there a few times, absolutely beautiful

  • arunvinud

    It’s great to retire and live in australia.A great place to live.

  • Monique

    I would prefer to retire somewhere in Europe… Germany perhaps? It’s so calm and quiet there :)

  • Sumax

    I think your Blog post very interesting @ every time.

  • Poker

    European people want retire in Florida and Americans in Europe, is it just that we want a change of environment when we retire?

  • jenny

    Gud Idea… and if you consider to visit gulf(Dubai, Sharja) you feel more reliable and comfort. be blessed

  • Steve Magday@Manhattan Beach Divorce Lawyer

    There are great places to settle retirement plans outside US. Some wants tropical countries for their fantastic beaches and nature view. Hawai, Philippines,Mexico are some of them that offers competent retirement packages and properties for you to own at reasonable prices.

  • Adam

    SE Asia is becoming more and more popular.

  • Marlo@Tucson Pediatric Dentist

    I’ve read that there are great deals for retirement in some of Asian countries. Many chose to get there because of good weather, fantastic sceneries and also some considered a place for business specially for those who acquire properties near beaches. It’s a crucial stage at one’s life so we better think and plan it well.

  • Phone service

    Where you retire be it US or outside Us, the most important thing one should look out for is peace and security.

  • Krute Munday

    I would like to retire in southen europe like spain or aisa-pacific like new zealand which all have full of sunshine.

  • Home Tutor in Delhi

    After retirement one can go outside US and enjoy the rest of life happily.

  • Maine Wedding Photographer

    I saw a news story on the retirement communities they are building in Panama and it was pretty impressive. The dollar goes a lot further down there, but you do have to worry about political upheaval, and that’s not really conducive to a relaxing retirement experience.

  • BracesPlus

    I’m going to Venezuela and live happy ever after on Margarita Island . It’s like spring break 365 days a year!

  • Home Tutor Delhi

    Retirement word is very good for hearing of the olders.After Retiring the olders should go to Abroad…………..

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    After retirement you must have to take care of your health.

  • investing in South America

    Retiring abroad is also fun. If you tolerate change and being homesick is not your kind of thing, you can find fantastic locations around the world. On top of being considerably cheaper than the US, they often offer a completely different lifestyle. Many South American countries are a dream come true for any retiree.

  • John Smith

    Hmmm, I first time hear about this idea, retiring outside the US.. But that is great! You just have give me new ideas for my retirement. Thank you! :) :)

  • Azhar

    what benefits will any one get if he lives a retired life in Australia???

  • wei@cours de photographie

    Here in France we think the same. My neighboors want to go to the US because it’s too expensive living in France. Ok retiring abroad is better, but which countries are you thinking of?

  • BEC5 Curaderm

    Nice information.some country have good advantages of retirement.i don’t know about the rule of retirement in abroad.thanks to share a great post.

  • Language Learning

    Thailand suits me fine, for all of the above plus great cheap food. of course there are disadvantages too but you get that everywhere

  • amr nabil

    wooooooow good retirement advantages

  • jarry park

    Great Read for me.. Much motivating and let’s get back to the straight point.. How did you manage your goals of getting the finance for kickstart opening of your Company? The reason I am asking it because many folks get halt at the time of financing their project ideas!!

  • Mike Smith

    Retirement outsithe the USA? I want to go in Asia for my retirement! :)

  • Mike Smith

    I misspelled my last comment. :) My dream is to go and go in Asia for my retirement!

  • Diamond Cuts

    Ok here’s the part that I don’t understand – in order to live in these countries, you need residency / citizenship which typically means getting married to someone from that country and relocating. Are the rules different for retirees on this matter?

  • Tom Hudson

    I’m retirement age and just lost my business due to a legal action. I’m looking at moving to a third world country to make what money I have go further.

  • Ankhil

    A phased retirement is a time to test the waters and ease into a new life. During a phase-out period, you may decide to extend your working life or do just the opposite. In either case, the decision will be yours, based on your own experiences.Its great news for us.

  • saarc

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  • [email protected]

    I love the idea of retiring abroad. In fact, that is what my spouse and I have planned to do. We love Malaysia, for many reasons, and plan to buy a home there. The cost of living is much less than in the US. For example, a NICE fish dinner on the beach is only $3. Beer is $.50. In addition, the lifestyle is better. More relaxing and great weather. I just think that the cost of living in the US is going to be way to much for retired people to have a nice lifestyle.