How To Retire Early - Or Not

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Financial downturns, hard times, or simply bad planning could make you wander how to retire early. Take heart. By entertaining the question "how to retire early", you may realize that forgoing the idea of early retirement is best. Specifically, delaying retirement may considerably increase your forecasted retirement revenue bringing you more enjoyment of these golden years. Let's discover why ignoring the possibility of how to retire early may be to your advantage.

You may have underestimated the amount of retirement resources you'd need. In fact, a MetLife Mature Market Institute research showed that six in 10 Americans (60%) miscalculate retirement longevity and almost half (49%) undervalue the amount of retirement revenue they'll need as soon as they retire. The table shows that mistaking your life-span from birth rather than from sixty five will cause you to under-estimate your retirement time horizon considerably.

Current Life Expectancy Estimate vs From Birth and  Age 65

Source:  National Vital Statistics Report, Vol. 56, No. 10

Life expectancy from birth Life expectancy from 65 % Increase beyond 65
Men 75.2 

(10.2 beyond 65)


(17.2 beyond 65)


(extra 7 years)

Women 80.4 

(15.4 beyond 65)


(20 beyond 65)


(extra 4.6 years)

But not only will you'll need your retirement savings to last more, but inflation will have more time to eat away at your purchasing power. If inflation is 3% a year-its historical average-it will cut the purchasing power of a fixed annual retirement income in half in roughly 23 years. Therefore, your investments should be greater to deal with the effects of inflation too. By now, you might be rethinking the question  of how to retire early may not be one worth asking.

Other considerations when pondering how to retire early:

Pension Consideration: If you expect to receive pension payments, early retirement might adversely affect them. Usually, pension benefits are biased toward your last working years - and those should be your greatest earnings. Delaying retirement extends your highest salary for more years.

Social Security Consideration: At your Full Retirement Age (FRA) (which varies from 65 to sixty seven, depending on the year you were born), you can receive your complete Social Security retirement benefit. But when you opt early retirement, to obtain your advantages before your FRA, your benefits will be diminished by approximately 25% if you begin at 62.

Savings Consideration: Even when you do not add to your retirement savings, forgoing early retirement postpones the date that you will require to start pulling cash form financial resources. This alone can enhance your savings fund's ability to last throughout your lifetime because a few years of extra portfolio growth can be significant.

Consider the following.  In the event you saved $15,000 each year with an 8% annual compounding rate for just five years, you'd add $95,040 more to your savings. For just ten years, you'd add $234,675 more. (These are theoretical examples and not intended to reveal the real efficiency of any particular investment). These would increase your retirement revenue to ward off the effects of inflation or simply add to your financial comfort.

Postponing retirement not only provides more retirement income form a larger nest egg, it leaves you fewer years in retirement which permits greater income withdrawal rates.

Keep in mind that the question of how to retire early was never asked until about 1970. Prior to then, no one had such luxury to even consider it.

22 thoughts on “How To Retire Early - Or Not

  1. Andy says:

    I think savings consideration is very important in deciding to retire.

  2. Investing and saving money is key. I'm working on building a network of websites making extra money for me.

  3. göz rengi says:

    its great for the retirement

  4. Daily Deal says:

    May people would like to retire early when they reach 50's or 60's. Retirement can be a great time but with a little preparation even better.

  5. airport says:

    hmm some good ideas here, I wouldn't mind retiring right now! 🙂

  6. Blair Orlens says:

    Good information.Savings consideration is very important in deciding to retire.I think I wouldn't retired early.

  7. android tablets says:

    Retirement can be such a great idea if one plan's well before doing it.

  8. You have to think it twice and decide what best for you.. 🙂

  9. Kevin Rose says:

    Everyone want early retirement and start enjoying as soon is possible. I am one of these people. 🙂

  10. Liam Heaton says:

    Man, Alot of good advice here. Something i'm doing now is with my business, i've been trying to keep 1000 per week MINIMUM of 3000 per month in a high interest bank, rather than living the "good life" im living it comfortable. then in another 20 years with all the interest i've made I'll be in my mid 40's and capable of retiring. At least i'm hoping too!. This article is great and offers alot of good advice. I will continue to read more!

  11. tall cabinets says:

    Interesting article. Given the economy and dwindling help from employers, it is never too early to start saving for retirement!

  12. This is a big decision to make, to retire early or not. Well, in my opinion before making a decision in your life that could greatly affect you in the end, you should have thought of it carefully. I think savings is really important before planning to retire. Thanks for a nice post!

  13. This info is useful for me since my parents are now talking about the retirement. thanks mate

  14. Sälja Guld says:

    Since the lfie expectancy is rising, it makes sense to retire later on in life. Add to this that many hard-working career people feel that their lives are empty once they retire, going from working full-time to not working at all can be a shock to the system. Personally I hope to be able to transition to working part-time for a few years before retiring. but, it's a long way off hopefully!

  15. Jonas says:

    Retiring early can be achieved by building up something which goes auto-pilot. It's hard work at start, but working the majority of ones life isn't any cool either. Great post. 🙂

  16. biffula says:

    My grandfather gave me some sage advice along time ago. Simply, pay yourself before you pay any other bills. He never made much money, but since he socked away a minimum of 10% of each paycheck, he ended up with quite a shocking nest egg. People these days are all about instant gratification though. They worry about what their neighbors will think if they don't have the latest flat screen tv, etc. So they live in the here and now and don't think ahead. Then they complain when the government isn't there to bail them out.

  17. I think it would be very boring to early retire... Imagine all the time you have on your hand, I mean if you have a bad health I could understand it, but retirement just for the sake of retirement? Don't see how that would make me a happy person 😛 I have good friends I work with that I like spending time with!

  18. Becca says:

    If there is a plan of retiring it is better to have an alternative source of income.You can use your retirement fee to start a small business. it is a big decision so make sure you plan it carefully.

  19. dog grooming tools says:

    This is a big decision to make, to retire early or not. Well, in my opinion before making a decision in your life that could greatly affect you in the end, you should have thought of it carefully. I think savings is really important before planning to retire.

  20. Eric says:

    For me it's saving, saving and a bit of investing.

  21. I live in New England where living costs are high and I'm now wondering if half the reason retires move to south to Florida is not just the weather but also the cost. Living costs seem to be cheaper in the south and maybe it's just another way for them to stretch their dollar.

  22. vaibhav says:

    This info is useful for me since my parents are now talking about the retirement.

    its compulsory for all posting.

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