Social Security Office Cheating Retirees

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You expect the folks at the Social Security office to give you the best advice.  But they don't.
Did you know that there are 12 ways to claim your Social Security benefit and only ONE of those ways will give you the biggest check?

Avoid the Social Security Office

You may have heard that when people go to the Social Security office to claim their benefits, they get incompetent, incorrect and incomplete information.   The Government Accountability Office just completed a study of the advice that the folks at the Social Security office provide.  Here's what they found:

SSA claims specialists did not discuss the advantages to waiting to claim benefits at a later age in eight of 26 in-person interviews, even though this is required.

In 10 observed interviews, claims specialists at the Social Security office offered the opportunity for people to claim up to 6 months of retroactive benefits as a lump sum. While a lump sum may be attractive to retirees, only one of the 10 claims specialists revealed that the retroactive benefit would reduce future payments.

Do You Know How to Get the Largest Social Security Check?
Learn to use the government rules to get the largest payment due you

Most people think that they get the largest payment automatically.  Not true. You need to make choices when you apply and if you make the incorrect choice, you get a smaller check -- for life. Even if you already receive Social Security Benefits, you may be able to change your selections.

Most people, as well as the "specialists" at Social Security, are totally in the dark that there are 12 ways to file for Social Security and you will not get good advice from the Social Security Administration.  Make the wrong choice and you get a smaller monthly check, for life!

If you have not yet claimed Social Security or have done so in the last 12 months (you can still change your selection), here are 10 top sources to get the information you need.  These are sources that will help you get the largest possible check so you don't need to rely on misinformation for the Social Security office.

Here are your top 10 sources that will help you determine how to file for your largest Social Security benefit:

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